• Education, love, and empowerment at a remarkable school in the jungle of Thailand

    Set in a remote jungle region of Thailand at the country’s first democratic school, 6 Weeks to Mother’s Day documents the inspirational story of 150 underprivileged and orphaned children as they learn and prepare to honor their remarkable adoptive mother, the principal of the school, on Mother’s Day.

  • They call her Mother...
    We call her hero. For 35 years she has been the relentless protector of the underprivileged and champion of alternative learning. Rajani Dhongchai and her husband, Piphop, founded one of Thailand’s most progressive schools, Moo Baan Dek, known in english as Children’s Village. Their school has become a pillar in the Thai education system and a promising symbol of the country’s future.

  • To visit the school website directly visit: childrensvillagethailand.org

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