Director – Marvin Blunte

After humble beginnings as an accounting clerk on the Eddie Murphy film “Holy Man” in 1999, Marvin has since worked his way up by occupying almost every known position on both the crew and production side of the entertainment industry. As director, he brings extensive docu reality directing experience after taking the helm on such shows as Miami Ink, New York Ink, Meteorite Men, and Construction Intervention for networks like History, Discovery, and TLC. Marvin has directed over 125 hours of aired television programming and is also a skilled Avid editor.

On his spare time, Marvin works as webmaster for The Center for The Protection of Children’s Right’s(, a Thai based shelter for sexually abused children.

Marvin also runs, a blog to help prospective international volunteers find free and responsible placements around the globe.


Leslie-Anne Faireshire – Executive Producer

As a successful  businesswoman Leslie-Anne Faireshire’s passion for film  led her to open her own production company back in 2012. In a short time she is already making waves in the industry with two documentaries currently in production. A huge lover of animals, Leslie-Anne loves spending time with her horse Wireless back in her home in London.






Kung Sondak BioProducer – Ladawan Sondak

With over 20 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, Ladawan has worked as a producer on over 50 Thai based projects ranging from commercials to feature films. An expert in all things Thai, Ladawan has been a part of the project since day one.

Her unyielding optimism, charm and work ethic define her as one of the jewels in South East Asia’s burgeoning  film and television industry.




Joseph Chiodo

Cinematographer – Joseph Chiodo

Joseph Chiodo has worked as camera operator and DP in the industry for ten years.  He has lived and worked professionally in both NY and Los  Angeles on a host of projects for networks such as Discovery, History, and The Food Network. Notable credits include New York Ink and Meet the Fugawis.

An avid photographer, Joseph enjoys the outdoors, staying involved in his community, and the occasional practical joke.





Cinematographer – Christina Cervantes

Christina Cervantes has worked as camera operator and DP in both television and film. She has lived and worked professionally on both coasts working in reality television and independent films. She has worked on projects for Bravo, MTV, Food Network and TLC. Her films have debuted at film festivals across the country.

When not working, Christina is traveling, taking photographs and teaching yoga.





Adam Duford

Sound Supervisor – Adam Duford

After over a decade in the television and film industries, Adam splits his time between writing, production and photography. Ten years in the sound department have his ears trained to find and follow the story.  Adam thrives and prefers working in harsh conditions; be it in a night club, climbing a mountain or in the heart of the jungle.

When not working Adam can usually be found backpacking through exotic countries or “doing it live.”




Jenny Ramirez – Post Supervisor

Post production guru Jenny Ramirez has worked as a producer and editor on several projects for networks such MTV, VH1, Discovery, Univision and TLC.

When not working on mainstream productions, Jenny dedicates her talents to her love of independent filmmaking.  Her passion for  documentaries has led her to seek out roles editing thought-provoking projects with a message.

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